Minggu, 29 November 2015

Tidung Island

Tidung Island fairly Island in the Thousand Islands, has an area of ​​about 109 hectares that extends east is from the west. Tidung not expansive white sandy beaches formed by coral reefs that will terumbu- for fishes and breed. Tidung island beach widest and longest beach in the islands john coast offers gentle and very good for sunbathing perform other The activation. Tidung object visible beauty of the sloping stretch of sea john lush rows of coconut trees.
Tidung Island Tourism activities conducted by the thousand islands on the coast of swimming, volleyball and sunbathing that is bathing. There are also a variety of water rides around the site Tanjungan east. Blueberry Session, Cano john Jetsky, Water Sofa one oxygen which Tidung Thousand Island.
Package Tidung

Travel package Tidung from us you can choose according with you. Tidung cheap package package that we offer to menyesuaiakan various community and private circles. On the island with a tour down the beach and the village that is surrounded.

Lodging Tidung
Lodging is available in Tidung quite comfortable with AC pasilitasi john Dispencer. Indeed not been provided in Tidung Homestay enough for you overnight Tidung.

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